The Titanic would make many a sailor's boat look like a lifeboat. Her secend class cabins looked like first class cabins to other cruise ships. Her decks were beautifully polished. Titanic was called the ship of dreams. Yes, Titanic was, and probably is, the most iconic ship in history, but she had a tragic ending, and that all started at 11.40 PM...

Crowds gathered to wave off their freinds, family, and even celebrities who boarded the ship. The press came and snapped photos: Titanic was on the front page of every newspaper ever made. As she left the harbour, people were blowing kisses and waving to the passengers, as they started their long journey to New York. The ship's Captin, Edward Smith, started steering the ship's wheel to start the boat moving. This would be Smith's last adventure before he retired. She was called unsinkable, so the engineers of the boat only equipped her with 20 lifeboats, enough for only half the ship's passengers.

The trip was supposed to be a six day holiday, but lasted only four. Four days in, and her passengers were enjoying their holiday. It was quiet, her passengers were in bed, while on the top deck, Frederick Fleet, the ships lookout, spotted an Iceberg and rang the warning bell, then called the officers at the ship's bridge, shouting: Iceberg, right ahead! The officers came running in, trying to steer the ship away from the Iceberg, but it was too late, she had hit the Iceberg, and a big chunk of the ice crashed on the deck. Though panic was on the top deck, some of the passengers didn't even feel the collision, some survivors say it was just a bump. Soon, Smith and the ship's architect, went over to inspect the hit. Smith knew at once the ship would start sinking, and he knew they didn't have long. Six of the water compartments were flooding, and most of the passengers were now awake. Smith sent a distress call, saying CQD, to see if some of the other ships could save them. He then told the passengers to board the lifeboats, even though he knew half the ships passengers where going to die. The lifeboats started launching, with women and children on first. Because some of the passengers still did not think there was anything wrong, the first lifeboat had only 28 passengers, when it could carry 65. Some crew thought it should be women and children first, while others thought women and children only. Soon, everyone was pushing and crying, trying to get on the lifeboats. Smith sent another distress call, saying SOS.  Sparks shot up in the sky, for the boats to find the sinking Titanic. Then the low decks flooded. The disaster became even more urgent when Titanic's propellers lifted out of the sea, tipping the ship in the air. There were more messages being sent, like:  We are sinking fast. Passengers are being put on boats. Titanic

Hundreds of passengers fell into the freezing sea, then, the stern snapped in half, making the front of the ship fall into the sea. Sadly, Smith was not a survivor of the Titanic, his last words were: Well boys, you'v done your duty, and done it well. I ask no more of you. His last message to the crew where: Be British. 1,517 people died on the Titanic. Later, the Carapathia ship rescued the lifeboats, and helped the surviving passengers. That is the story of the Titanic.