Well if you read the title, yes there could possibly be alien life. In fact there is quite a bit of evidence to suggest that there is, for example the enormous size of the universe, with it’s countless suns and planets. However this life might be really different to how you imagine it.

We all know that our stereotypical alien is green, lanky with some strange sort of antenna on it’s head, however they probably look rather different to this idea. To start they might not even be evolved enough for us to see with our naked eye, meaning that they might be microscopic. In fact at one point the surface of Mars might have been habitable. However sadly habitable doesn’t guarantee life.

Another point is we could find aliens much less advanced than us, as just because our idea of aliens are really intelligent doesn’t mean that they all are. And if we do find aliens that are more intelligent then us they probably wouldn’t give us the time of day, which is a sad truth(In my opinion).

Continuing from the last paragraph, there is a hypothesis called the zoo hypothesis, which could explain why we haven’t seen any extra-terrestrial life. It says that aliens know we exist but they just don’t want anything to do with us, and to be honest can you blame them? I mean we are incredibly flawed, we attack each other over things that we don’t really need to fight over and could just talk out. As well as the fact we are the one of the main reasons for global warming. Now can you blame them for not wanting to come say hi? However this is all just an hypothesis it might or might not be true, at this point in time there is no way to tell.

Now for a bit more evidence. When the Kepler Space Telescope was in operation it found about 4,852 certified exoplanets some of which are Earth like, meaning they have water on the surface, one of the most crucial things for life. In fact scientist discovered a planet that lies in the habitable zone and ,they think could be entirely covered in water, and a similar size to Earth, meaning that there could be life on it. Isn’t that exciting! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my article about what a lot of people believe to be nonsense, I really appreciate it.