One of Victorian author Charles Dickens most popular book is The Christmas Carol, which tells the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge, a mean person who hates Christmas, visiting three ghosts on Christmas Eve, showing him the Past, the Present, and the Future. 

What where the ghosts trying to tell Scrooge?

In my opinion, Scrooge needed to change, as he was so horrible, he didn't pay his workers enough money, and Bob Cratchit his main worker. He didn't care for the poor, and his money was greedy. I think the ghosts where telling him that if he didn't change, bad consequences where going to happen, and scrooge saw them. He saw his own gravestone, he saw the day before Tiny Tim ( Bob Cratchit's son ) died from an illness, partly because scrooge did not pay Bob enough money. At the end of the book, on christmas day, Scrooge is not dead, Tiny Tim is not dead, Scrooge is now really kind. You could say he's only being kind because he doesn't want to die, but I think he's learnt his lesson.

Why did Dickens write a book like that?

You may be thinking why Dickens wrote a Christmas book with ghosts in it, well there is a reason. In the Victorian era, it was a tradition to tell ghost story's on Christmas Eve, and it's no surprise Dickens added the ghosts in, because he wrote a lot about Victorian life, as well as Victorian struggles, and that's where Tiny Tim comes in. One of the struggles where lots of illnesses that couldn't be cured, and Dickens probably wanted that in the book, to show the struggle. Tiny Tim has what seems to be a bad cough, which seems to be unable to cure, or can't be cured very easily, now, Scrooge sees Tim die from the cough when he is with the Ghost of the Christmas Future, but turns out to not happen, because by the end Scrooge has changed. There is also lots of poverty in the book, which was very likely in the Victorian era.

Was the book good?

In my opinian, the book was very good. The plot was fantastic, and the description Dickens uses is fantastic. It gives you a sense of what Victorian life was like, which I love. The characters are great, and you can real tell what there personality is like. Overall, it's a fantastic book.